Poppy flowers
Nadiia Onyshchenko, Pavlo Nikolaychuk
Ukraine, 20--, paper, color linocut
39.4x27.6" (100x70 cm) Art. 2307
Poppies stand out among all wildflowers for their tenderness and bright color. According to one of the legends, poppy petals are the tears of the ancient Greek goddess of fertility Demeter. Apparently, that is why their petals are so quivering and so easily crumble. For me, the poppy is primarily a symbol of love and prosperity. Along with peonies, this flower is considered the king of flowers and plants. Poppy is able to attract true and pure love into a person's life. He knows how to “open” his eyes to what is happening, in particular, and suggest the right path, which will certainly lead to peace and happiness. Take poppies to your home and they will surely bring harmony in love and relationships into your home.

The artwork was created using the author's technique of color linocut, from forms that I cut out by ourself. The drawings from which the shapes were cut are the fruit of our imagination and inspiration, as well as more than 25 years of artistic experience.

All our paintings are made by hand. Using our favorite linocut technique. The vast majority of our art is not made in the classic linocut technique, combined with other techniques such as monotype, collage and therefore has no circulation.

The artwork is printed on quality paper, signed at the bottom of the print, as well as on the back. The artwork is accompanied by a certificate of authenticity. The size of the artwork is 39.4x27.6" (100x70 cm). This artwork is without decoration. It requires registration in a frame, mat, and glass. I carefully pack my artworks and ship them in thick cardboard tubes.

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